He was judging her🤔

A father’s teary eye asked her daughter will you be happy with him! Daughter wanted her partner to assure her dad that he will do anything for her to make her happy! But the girl never knew she was being judged on the parameters set by her partner! She didn’t knew that the person in which she was looking as if he was her whole world would never worth her values, her emotions, her nature, rather he would consider her on earns! Is living life on her way a crime? If she earns less than her partner does not make her dignified. She never focused on world rather she was confined in her own dreams! Being raised by such humble family with good values wasn’t that enough? Was her crime she was raised in mediocre family? She never gave up on her family! She believed in nurturing her coming life with all love and care!!! But now she realised that wasn’t enough!! The sad part was that she was falling for him but he was judging her!!!!

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