Hey Dosti,
I miss you yaar!
I miss myself more!
Because you were the only one who knows who actually i was!
I miss our laughter,
I miss our smiles,
Those giggles and that cries!
I miss the world you created for me,
I miss the actual me!
I miss those hangouts,
I miss those trust bond!
I miss those lovely abuse,
I miss those cute temper loose!
I miss your hug,
I miss your saying- “Sab theek ho jaega Dosti”
I miss those cheerful days,
I miss those shopping phase!
I miss you calling me Dosti…
I miss you being mine Dosti,
All I can do is to cry out to be fine,
Because nobody knows how m dying!
I miss you soooo much DOSTIIII….
I can ever say that i will come back because nobody will understand!!!
All i can do to pray , hope will meet once again!!!
Last but not the least, i want to say that i miss you more than anyone can define!!!